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Dan Graeber was born and raised in San Antonio, moved to the DFW area in 1982 and has lived here ever since. He married his college classmate sweetheart Tresa in 1985. They have 3 children. They are both educators.

Dan has ALWAYS had an affinity for firearms. As a child Dan got his first BB gun when he was 9. As a Boy Scout, Dan’s first summer camp merit badge was Rifle and Shotgun Shooting. Later in High School he joined JROTC to be on the Rifle Team and compete, where he qualified Expert all four years with Small Bore Rifle.

Dan began to notice as an Eagle Scout and cadet Major in the Instructors group JROTC that he had a talent to train people. People would naturally ask him about something and, after getting as much info as he could, he could not only give them an answer, but explain the answer. Thus began the journey that has never grown old or tiresome to Dan. He is a trainer!

As an Application Engineer, then later as The Worldwide Training Manager for an electronics manufacturer, he found himself doing what has always come naturally – training. Giving information to those needing it in a comprehensive and understandable format. In 1986 Dan began his Firearms training career through a close friend working in Counter Terrorism. That trail led him eventually to the NRA Instructor Program and eventually to the NRA Training Counselor Program where he currently serves as a Senior Training Counselor for all disciplines offered.

Dan also is certified in Texas to teach Texas CHL & Texas Hunters Education. He is Texas Private Security Board certified to teach Level 2 & 3 Security Guards. In the Security Professional Development role, he also teaches Baton, OC, Pistol, Shotgun, and advanced tactics. He is also certified as an NRA Law Enforcement Pistol/Shotgun trainer and teaches his Security Classes at that level.

Dan is passionate about what he does, and he has been training in both electronics visual circuitry and firearms for over 26 years each. One of Dan’s quotes: "God built me to train, I think I will stay with His plan."

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